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Welcome to Insuring Lawyer offering Lawyers Professional Malpractice Liability, Office Business Insurance including Data Breach, And Workers Comp Insurance.

Insuring Lawyer has an exclusive national Lawyers Professional Liability program. This would include most Areas of Practice and size-wise from a true solo Law Firm to Law Firms with 100+ Lawyers.

Insuring Lawyer does business nationally in all 50 states.

Lawyers, Attorneys, & Legal Professionals: Thousands of Insuring Lawyer Clients Nationally Are Protected Properly With Unmatched Lawyers Professional Liability Malpractice Insurance & Pricing!

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You called and checked on us everyday to see how we were doing, and offered his assistance night or day. Mike, thank you for all your help, but most of all, your friendship. It means the world to us. You’re just so neat!

A Eastman
South Carolina

Your staff was very concerned. They gave immediate attention, were very friendly and sympathetic to my loss. I will never have any other insurance other than Insuring Lawyer.

M Mahoney

Everyone talks about how difficult it is to get claims processed, but I tell them not with your office.

V La Rosa
New York

Mike, I’ve been with you for 11 or 12 years I think. You and your company have been one of the most gratifying customer-client relationships I’ve experienced! (Most bang for the buck). Mike, for people to help make your business more profitable for you and your family and hopefully them, you could not have made a better choice than Shauna. She has been most helpful and informative and has gone out of her way for myself and my wife. Would you please let her know we thank her for her help when we purchased our new vehicle last month.

K Dacha

Your office has always been very pleasant to work with. Quick to return call, etc. I hear many horror stories from others about their insurance claims, but I feel very well taken care of by your office. You always seem to get compliments from your customers.

H Jakes

Your office people were very courteous and helpful: 1. Answered questions completely 2. Prompt response to phone calls. The claims center gave so much better service than the last incident we had. The settlement was very fair, which allowed us to secure an excellent replacement for our loss.

J Cleats


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