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Discover How To Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins On Your Law Firm’s Lawyers Professional Liability, Cyber Liability, Office Business Insurance, Workers Comp, & Employment Practices Liability.  Plus, You’ll Learn How To Easily Correct Them At Marketplace Best Pricing!

Nationally Recognized Lawyers Professional Liability, Cyber Liability, Office Business Insurance, Workers Comp, & Employment Practices Liability Specialist Michael Carroll Will Mail You His Critically Acclaimed Book For FREE!

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    It Isn’t Your Fault!
    Lawyers & Law Firms have been brainwashed. You’ll learn how this has happened and how to easily change that.

    Could This Happen to You? Worse Yet,
    Would You Even Know?

    97% of all Lawyers & Law Firms are NOT properly protected. Which are you or do you even know?

    So You Think You Can Never Get Sued?
    Lawyers & Law Firms get sued all of the time – and better be protected!

    Lightning Fast
    Mother Nature can put you out of business and you aren’t even aware of how much at risk that you are.

    Business Income and Outcome
    So you have a claim, what about rent, paying key employees, and most importantly your pay & profit.

    Running Errands to Ruination
    Sending an employee or even yourself on company business in a personally owned vehicle is as dangerous as driving blindfolded

    More Than Hurt Feelings
    Workers Comp Protection and most especially pricing continue to be a major mystery and how to change that to save thousands!

    Specialist Who Own Their Own Business Just Like You
    Why you want and deserve a Lawyers & Law Firm Insurance Specialist who knows your business in & out.

    Earthquakes, Floods, Harassment, Discrimination, Termination – The Grisly Gremlins
    You are exposed to this EVERY day & it will put you out of business, GUARANTEED if you don’t address this easily & affordably.

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    John Walker, Walker Law, PC

    “Talk About A Wake Up Call”

    “By reading The Naked Lawyer Michael saved me time I might have wasted by explaining my coverage & whom to contact. Stacie was prompt explained my coverage & how Insuring Lawyer could be of help. When I have a question about my coverage or a claim you & your team have been most helpful. Thank you both for your outstanding service. I have been very satisfied.”

    Sheldon Slaybod Casey & Slaybod

    “A Game Changer For Me”

    “Michael, SUPERB job in your book The Naked Lawyer by taking me from a limited policy where I thought I was adequately protected and just wasn’t. It is so reassuring to have a specialist who protects me properly for my Lawyers Professional Liability and even saved me thousands of dollars too! Way to go Michael!”

    Mary Gurganus, Triangle Divorce Law