What is Office Business Insurance and does my law firm need it?

Office business insurance, also known as commercial property insurance, is a type of insurance that provides coverage for physical assets owned by a business, such as a law firm. This can include coverage for the office building, furniture, equipment, and other property. The policy may also cover loss of income and expenses associated with a temporary closure due to a covered event, such as a fire or natural disaster.

Whether your law firm needs office business insurance depends on several factors, including the value of your physical assets, the risks associated with your location, and the potential financial impact of a loss. If your law firm owns or leases a physical office space, and has invested in valuable assets such as furniture, computers, and equipment, it may be wise to consider purchasing office business insurance.

In addition, if your law firm is located in an area that is prone to natural disasters or other risks, such as flooding, earthquakes, or fires, it may be particularly important to have office business insurance to protect against potential losses. Even if you have a strong cybersecurity strategy in place, it is still important to have office business insurance to protect against physical risks that can result in significant financial losses.

Overall, office business insurance can be an important part of a comprehensive risk management strategy for your law firm, helping to protect your physical assets and minimize financial losses in the event of an unexpected event or disaster.

How To Obtain A Quote for Office Business Insurance

  1. Sole Occupant (Yes/No):
  2. Year Built:
  3. Construction (Brick, Frame, Etc.):
  4. Roof type:
  5. Total Area Occupied by Insured in square feet:
  6. Is the risk w/in 1000 ft. of a fire hydrant/other approved water source?:
  7. Approximately how many miles is the risk from a responding fire station?:
  8. Number of Residential Units:
  9. Number of Stories:
  10. Automatic Sprinkler System:
  11. Automatic Fire Alarm:
  12. Automatic Burglar Alarm:
  13. Security Cameras:
  14. What business personal property limit are you requesting (Includes computers, desks, chairs, phones, copiers, pens & paper, etc.)?

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