Finally, How Lawyers Can Easily Get BOTH Business & Professional Liability Insurance From The Nationally Recognized Expert!

Finally, How Lawyers Can Easily Get BOTH Business & Professional Liability Insurance From The Nationally Recognized Expert!

by Michael P. Carroll, Insuring Lawyer

Business & Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Insider Reveals The Winning Secrets On How To Plug All Fatal Insurance Gaps For Your Law Firm!

Your law practice is no doubt your most precious asset. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-person firm or you are the managing general partner of a large law firm. You have no doubt worked your share of countless 80 hour weeks to build your practice and reputation.

In fact, you’ve probably sacrificed holidays, weekends and evenings to log in office time, connect with clients while representing them to successful closure… right?

But I’m going to have to be blunt here— 99% of the Business & Professional Liability Insurance policies I see leave you in a position where you could lose it all…..TODAY! Here’s why…

Too often Business Insurance & Professional Liability Insurance is put into the category of “necessary evils”. No one person at the firm jumps at the opportunity to look into this.

Why is that? That’s pretty simple. First of all, no law firms spend much time worrying about ever getting sued. “We do it the right way” is every Lawyer’s mantra….and rightfully so! And with the Business Insurance side of things, no one really expects their office furniture or equipment to ever go anywhere.

Most law firms are in very secure office complexes and some of the furniture could be categorized as antiques in many firms….right?

Well, I am here to tell you, in a 28 year career I have seen or read about too many law firms going “belly up” due to INADEQUATE Business Insurance or AWFUL Professional Liability Insurance full of loopholes that you do NOT know about until it is too late!

You may be saying “never heard of that in my community”….well, too often it is “spin” where a firm disbands due to “personal or philosophical differences” when IN FACT, it was a NON covered insurance claim that forced their hand.

See, 99% of all Law Firms have separate Business Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance. The Business Insurance is a “cheapie” with so very little thought put into it at all.

Then the Professional Liability Insurance policy is written through some broker who is in who knows where and underwritten by some never heard of insurer. That instills a bunch of confidence in you right? Of course, it doesn’t!

You could lose your law practice – probably the largest investment of your life-time and the precious source of income for you and your family!

So where do you turn or how do you correct this? Because this is such a “who knows where to go” subject, lawyers don’t know where to turn for immediate help when it can be so easy! So they keep doing the same things they’ve always done… NOTHING… hoping that a claim never happens!

But here’s some good news–I’ve got something very special for you. You can tap into my vast knowledge of the Lawyer Business Insurance & Professional Liability Insurance industry! PLUS learn how you can ELIMINATE all gaps in coverage and even save HUGE amounts of money EVERY year!

Let me explain, I am a Lawyer Business & Professional Liability Insurance “insider.” A member of the “club.” I’ve made it my business model to 100% fully understand how these 2 types of policies can make or break a law firm for something totally out of your control!

You see, I’ve studied in detail how this secret strategy works – while protecting Lawyers just like you!

And I’ve made a strong moral decision: I decided to reveal how you can leverage the vast power of this proven secret for your financial security and peace of mind! In next month’s issue, I’ll share how this can be done OR request a FREE copy of my book The Naked Insurance Lawyer which will share everything you need to know on how to properly protect your Law Firm and at best pricing too!

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